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How to find the right fit for your Birkenstocks?

The Birkenstock company uses European sizes. In Britain, the sizes for men and women are different; whereas because the European sizes for men and women are so similar the sizes are considered unisex. The following tables can be used only as a guideline to help determine your shoe size. The exact size depends entirely on the unique structure of your foot and shoe style that you normally like to wear. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice, at no cost and with no obligations.

Birkenstock size chart - Women

birkenstock wmn charts 900


Birkenstock size chart - Men

birkenstock mens charts 900


Birkenstock size chart - Kids

birkenstock kids charts 900

Measuring Your Shoe Size

Foot damage is a common health problem these days. Some of these symptoms are caused by the incorrect sizing of shoes or sandals, and therefore, it is very important to wear the correct size.
Before you order sandals from the website or from the customer service center, it is important to follow our short instructions in order to select the correct size for your new Birkenstocks. After you read the article you will have the tools in your hand to extend the your sandal life in an unimaginable way so that you may enjoy them for many years to come.

When you first try on your Birkenstocks, please take your first steps indoors on a carpet. Shoes that have been worn or used cannot be returned.
When buying Birkenstocks for the first time, be assured that you are receiving the correct width and length for your shoe size. In order to understand what your correct shoe size is, place your heel into the heel cup of the shoe (the back part of the pad) so that your foot fits and sits exactly between the ends of the sandal with a spacing of only a few millimeters in front and behind your foot. This extra spacing is important so that your feet have the room needed for natural movements without feeling resistance, as if you were barefoot. Your toes and heels should not reach the edges of the sandal while you are standing free and relaxed.

The contours of the shoe padding should encompass the curves of your foot. The raised arch may feel unnatural at first, and might even bother you, but after a while this feeling passes due to the flexibility of the latex mixture in the base that goes does and adjusts itself specifically to your foot.

Even when you are buying shoes specially built for your health, it is very important to find the correct size to fit your foot. Therefore, the original Birkenstocks are made in two different widths. When you buy new Birkenstocks, make sure they are the correct width for you.

Normal or Narrow?

Birkenstocks are created and designed to be spacious. When you first try on the sandals you might feel like they are too “large” on you and that you should have bought a smaller size. Most people are satisfied with the standard width size and not the narrow, but if you feel that your foot moves from side to side and is sliding unnaturally even when adjustments are made to the straps, then the narrow width will mostly likely fit you better.

If you already have Birkenstocks and you do not know if they are the standard or narrow width, you can determine this by checking what is printed on the pad. On the pad you will find a small printed icon of a foot. If this foot icon is filled in black it is a sign that the sandal is a narrow width; if the foot icon is empty it is  a sign that the sandal is a standard width. You can also determine if the sandal is narrow by looking at the item number which will always end in the number “3”.

men ld foot pattern

Sandal Tips

When you adjust the sandals, the strap closest to your big toe needs to feel comfortable but not tight. The other strap, farther from your big toe, needs to be looser in order to let your foot move slightly up and down on the padding as you walk. Never wear your Birkenstocks if the straps are too tight.

Tips for clogs and closed shoes

To check if you are going to buy the correct length and width for your size shoe, remove the slippery pad from the shoe. Stand on the pad and check your foot position on the pad. Your big toes need to be “inside” and not over the edge of the padding, and the arches are supposed to fit the contours of your foot, as described above. Re-insert the pad into the shoe.

Tips for Children Sized Birkenstocks

From many years of experience and working with children’s shoes, the Birkenstocks company has found that the narrow width fits most children better. The standard size fits children with wider feet. Generally, it is not recommended to buy Birkenstocks for children under 3 years of age.

how to get used to birkenstock footbed?

The Birkenstock shoes and system support the natural arches of your foot, reducing pressure on your foot. When you try them on for the first time, take your time and walk around a bit inside your house to get used to them. This process is done gradually. Your foot should foot exactly in between the padding with millimeters of spacing along the edges to allow for movement of your toes. The width should match exactly, with no lateral movement.

If your toes feel crushed due to putting on sandals that are too tight, then your Birkenstock sandals are certainly long enough to accommodate your feet until they return to their original shape. The Birkenstock insoles are designed to conform to a healthy foot. Because only a few people have “perfect” feet, these shoes may feel “different” and even hard and unpleasant ot first.

Birkenstocks are designed to be buckled comfortably, where the support should come from the pads and not from the sandal straps. Getting used to these shoes may take a few days, but during this time your toes will learn to naturally move on the padding as you walk.
As time goes by, the shoes will feel softer, more pleasant, and more flexible and soon the sandals will fit themselves to your foot and the sandal will feel tailor made for you! This sandal will accompany you for years to come, and with proper maintenance, this can last a long time.

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