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Products sold by Danawu GmbH are 100% authentic, guaranteed!  Our company is NOT engaged in selling counterfeits, imitations or knock-offs items. Proposing replicas is illegal and we do NOT engage in such activities.
Despite the unequivocal declaration above, we occasionally get questions from skeptics who have perhaps not yet seen the declaration, or simply do not understand how our business of branded merchandise works. "An informed customer is a good customer" and we whole-heartedly subscribe to this view. It is thus for the benefit of everyone that we are presenting a comprehensive explanation to tutor those who need to understand how our branded merchandise business is working.


A manufacturer conceptualizes a product, designs and engineers it, produces it, brands it and then promotes and advertises it in a bid to generate sales.
Fortunately, the bet often works and the product has turned out well in terms of sales, provided that it is priced correctly...
No matter how detailed the research, and the analysis can be, no manufacturer can possibly hit an optimum price level because it is anyway a moving target since the market keeps changing on a daily basis. At some point the manufacturer has to just pick a price that they believe is optimum, at the moment of the launching of the product, by considering:
-    Cost of manufacturing
 -  Money spent on marketing
 -   Spending potential of the target customer
  -  Prices set by competitors for comparable product


So, who are these discount sellers, like Danawu GmbH, and how do you end up selling the manufacturer’s product at a lower price?
There are many players operating besides the manufacturer. After the manufacturer is done creating products, they need help with distribution so that the products can end up with the people who need them. Most manufacturers recruit specific sellers to represent them known as ‘authorized sellers/distributors/agents’. These sellers must not contradict the manufacturer’s pricing decisions, and must promote the manufacturer’s brand within their shops and within their area/territory. It is also their responsibility to correctly forecast demand in their area and adequately stock up on inventory so that potential customers are not turned away.
In a perfect world, all of this would work precisely as planned: the manufacturer and their distributors would have done a perfect job from pricing to forecasting demand, such that sales will be perfect, at the right moment, and all products end up where they are needed in exact numbers – nothing more and nothing less. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Inevitably, there ends up being excess inventory lying somewhere with some authorized agents.
This is where companies like Danawu GmbH come in to save the day! We are proposing to the agents, distributors, manufacturers, or even wholesalers to help them to dispose of this excess inventory. We offer this inventory to customers who were reluctant to purchase at full price but want the product enough to buy it when offered at a lower price.
This merchandise is not illegal, not factory seconds, not demo merchandise, not inferior. In fact, in every instance, an imported good, or "grey market" product is absolutely identical to its locally-warranted counterpart. Imported good and locally-warranted products are manufactured in the same factories from the same components, and sub-assemblies, to the same specs and tolerances, by the same workers.


The law that guarantees Danawu GmbH right to sell merchandise, even though it is not manufactured by us, is enshrined in the First-Sale Doctrine –

Consider this.
If you own an Apple iPad and decide to sell it on eBay, should Apple have the right to prevent you from doing so given that they are the brand owner?
As per the law, Apple would have no such right even though they may be the designer, manufacturer, and brand-owner. Our business works on the same basic principle: we can sell it at whatever price we want – with or without the manufacturer’s blessings.
Our members who purchase with us, love us because we save them money; sellers need us when we are helping them offload their excess inventory; but manufacturers tend to have a love-hate relationship with discount companies like Danawu GmbH as we don’t have any specific obligation to promote their interests, but mainly consider the interest of the final buyer.
Since Danawu GmbH is an established company that pioneered the ecommerce in Germany since 2011, we now have more and more manufacturers who directly contact us, and are setting up partnership with us. They are interested to dispose of remaining stocks, or simply want to have access to our members to propose them, some specific offers at unbeatable price.


The illegal trade in counterfeit merchandise is something against which we diligently protect ourselves and our members.
We set up quality control processes and all our merchandise is thoroughly inspected by our quality team.
We are also extremely careful about selecting the suppliers from whom we obtain merchandise. We only deal with partners that have been verified by our merchandising team, and give priority to reputed companies that have been known to us for years. We deal strictly with fraudsters who attempt to send us counterfeit merchandise.
We offer a 100% refund
If you have any doubt regarding a branded item sold by us, we will immediately give your money back. You will not need to obtain any written and signed statement from a dealer, a distributor or a manufacturer. This is a no-question asked warranty.


Theory - If the price is too low, the product may not be authentic.
Fact - Discount sellers like Danawu GmbH are not obliged to follow the manufacturer’s pricing guidelines, which is why we can sell at lower prices than authorized dealers. Please refer to the section above on Imported Goods.
Theory - Product quality seems inferior. It may not be authentic.
Fact - Danawu GmbH does not manufacture anything. If you have any doubt regarding the authenticity of the product you purchased, you are welcome to return it in original and unused condition within 7 days for a full refund. No questions will be asked, and no additional documentation will be requested.
Unlike other online sites wherein merchant directly send the purchased items to the buyers, Danawu GmbH sets up a full checking process: every item must pass through our Quality Control team, before going to the buyer. That brings an additional level of reassurance to our members: we are not drop shipping or moving goods from the suppliers directly to the customers.
Theory - Product has broken down after use, so may not be authentic.
Fact - We sell authentic merchandise as made by the manufacturer. If you have any doubt regarding the authenticity of the product you purchased, you are welcome to return it in original and unused condition within 7 days for a full refund.

Theory - This pair of shoes seems to have no serial number, so may not be authentic.
Fact - Did you check if the manufacturer actually printed a serial number on that item? If your item has no serial number, it can be because the manufacturer does not print serial numbers on that item.
Theory - The picture on the website is not identical to the image on the brand website, so maybe the item is not authentic.
Fact - For most of the merchandise we carry, we do our own photography. Lighting, background, equipment and other conditions impact the images. While most manufacturers do a lot of photo-editing, we keep it to a minimum -- so whenever our image does look slightly different, it is because our image is the more accurate and realistic representation of the product.

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